Testimonials for April

"I began seeing April for acupuncture treatment after undergoing unsuccessful fertility treatments. Her support, guidance and treatments were so important in working through the process and dealing with the stress associated with fertility issues. At 42 years old, I began accepting that fertility treatments may not work for me and I put all of my faith into April's hands. I believed that if I was ever going to get pregnant it would be under her guidance and care. Within four months I was pregnant. I continued to see April on a regular basis throughout my pregnancy and truly believe that being under her care was a key element to a very successful pregnancy. Her treatments were important in dealing with both general symptoms of pregnancy, as well as specific symptoms, including breech presentation. I will be forever grateful to April and her part in helping me add our precious daughter to our family. The power of her work, her positive influence, and her powerful energy will be with us for the rest of our lives!"

-Jackie (age 41)

"April is a wonderful healer. She is knowledgeable, warm, and understanding. I saw April while I was undergoing fertility treatments and the treatments proved to be successful. She listened to me and supported me throughout that very intense and emotional journey. I highly recommend her."

-Katie (age 31)

"After successfully getting pregnant on our own with my first two, trying for our third was not as easy. We tried for 6 months with no luck. It quickly became stressful and I began working with April. Within three months of treatment, I was pregnant. I can't thank April enough for her role in our growing family. I'm a supporter and believer!!"

-Ady (age 30)
"It's hard to find the words to properly express the gratitude in my heart. April was my rock during conception and pregnancy. I had tried two acupuncturists before April, and her soothing way and pain-free needle work won me over. I had previously gone through overly aggressive fertility treatments, failed IUI's and one failed IVF...and was at a point where I wanted to take things down a bit and really focus on the benefits of acupuncture and the mind body connection. I started seeing April in October and was pregnant by January. I continued to see April throughout my pregnancy. I love that April always assured me that everything would be fine...and that all was well. Her calming spirit really helped me to center myself during pregnancy and beyond. Now that I have my healthy little bundle of joy, I religiously refer April to friends experiencing complications with conceiving. She was a huge help in my life and I want to share her with the world.”

-Felicia (age 37)
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